My Photography Workshops


“The Art of Seeing”

             Participants will learn about:

Camera basics

The use of light, aperture, shutter, and ISO speed.

Composition and design tips

 Time will be spent to photograph and apply what we learn.

The workshop is open to beginners and intermediate photographers with a digital camera.

Bring your camera, manual, card reader and tripod if you have, and a few photographs you like.

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Jeri Burzin



  “Literacy Through Photography

This approach uses photography as a medium of communication that is exciting to children.  Photography is used to stimulate discussion, reading, writing, and language.

 Students learn about the camera and how  to make and read photographs.  They photograph scenes from their lives that become the basis for writing about themselves,  their family, their community, their dreams, and more.

Students are expected to: Use their experiences to enhance language arts skills, including reading, writing, vocabulary, and comprehension, and to find their voice  through photography and writing, and build self-esteem.

 For more information

Jeri Burzin/559-967-8635