South Valley Artist Studio Tour

AC LOGO and Tagline

The Arts Consortium is hosting the first biennial three-day Tulare County SOUTH VALLEY ARTISTS’ STUDIO TOUR ____________

This event will complement the extremely successful Three Rivers Tour, which just celebrated its 10th event.

Studios will be open to ticket holders

MARCH 22 FROM 5pm – 8pm

MARCH 23 FROM 10am – 5pm

MARCH 24 FROM 10am – 4pm

Contact me to purchase your $15 Pre-Sale Tickets:, 967-8635


  1. Steven Ball, Watercolor
  2. Michael Barcellos, Mixed Media
  3. Toni Best, Basketry
  4. Kevin Bowman, Printmaking
  5. Paul Buxman, Oil
  6. Jeri Burzin, Photography
  7. Connie Butterfield, Clay
  8. David Castro, Paint
  9. John Coppola, Mixed Media
  10. Patricia Crose, Ceramics
  11. Piet Eppinga, Stoneware
  12. Louise Fisher, Clay
  13. Lonni Flowers, Watercolor
  14. Russ Friend, Photography
  15. Cecile Garrison, Gourds
  16. Erik Gonzalez, Aerosol
  17. Linda Hengst, Oil
  18. Shirley Keller, Ceramics
  19. Sam McKinney, Gourds
  20. Anthony Mendoza, Clay
  21. Dix Miller, Watercolor
  22. Amie Rangel, Charcoal
  23. Matthew Rangel, Lithographs
  24. Marn Reich, Clay
  25. Mark Robinson, Stone Carving
  26. Deanna Saldana, Mixed Media
  27. Joan Seibel, Clay
  28. John Sundstrom, Sculpture
  29. Sherley Tucker, Pottery
  30. Linda Victory, Gourds
  31. Ernie. Weerasinghe, Oil

  32. Ginny Wilson, Photography